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The Dating Plan Review

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

The Dating Plan by Sara Desai

Madison: ★★★★

Alexis: ★★★

A romantic comedy that we both enjoyed?? WHAT!! We are not romance readers. Usually we steer towards thriller and mystery novels. But when we started the podcast, we agreed to step out of our comfort zones and try different genres.

The Dating Plan features Daisy and Liam, who are polar opposites. Daisy is a smart, witty and quirky software engineer who plans her life by spreadsheets. Liam is the estranged best friend of her older brother who is the bad boy type - NOT the type of man her match-making aunties want her to end up with. The two reconnect unexpectedly at a tech conference, after ten years when he stood her up on her senior prom and disappeared. Liam not only disappointed Daisy but her whole family as well. To say she still holds animosity towards him, is putting it lightly.

We loved seeing the connection between the two characters, despite their different personalities and rocky past, and watch the old feelings come back from all those years ago. The humor is also incredible in this book and had both of us laughing out loud in several scenes.

We enjoyed coming down from the emotional roller coaster of This Close To Okay, to this light-hearted warm romantic comedy.

Check out our interview with author Sara Desai on part 2 of our discussion on the podcast!

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"He was chaos, she was order." - Sara Desai; The Dating Plan

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