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Breathless Review

Madison: ★★★

Alexis: ★★★

In this adventure thriller, Cecily, an adventure journalist and novice mountaineer, is attempting to get the story that could make or break her career. She's sacrificed everything to get here, and now she'll have to fight against more than the natural elements to survive.

We really enjoyed the suspense and mystery of this book. It was such a page turner and we had to know what was going to happen next. The action gets started quickly in this book, so you're not dealing for a slow start. The short chapters were a big plus for us as well!

We also liked how Amy McCulloch wrote about the equipment and mountaineering terms, as we are not very experienced, but felt like she did a great job of explaining everything so that we could learn along with Cecily. Also, the hypoxic scenes were written so well! We truly could feel how Cecily's brain was scattered.

However, some of the ending was a bit cheesy and cliche, and we both wanted a completely different ending than what we got (that's the beauty of reading though, right?). Overall, it was very enjoyable and if you like adventure thrillers, we highly recommend this one.

Check out our interview with Amy McCulloch here.

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