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This Close To Okay Review

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

This Close To Okay book

*TW: this book is centered around suicide.

Madison: ★★★

Alexis: ★★★★

What a way to start the year! This Close to Okay was EMOTIONAL. It made me cry, gave me butterflies and made me angry too sometimes. It was a roller coaster but a ride we both enjoyed non the less! The ending threw both of us for a loop! But everybody loves a good twist at the end, right? This book is a changing narrative of two strangers that meet each other during terrible times in their lives. They end up spending the whole weekend together and uncover some pretty dark secrets about each other.

We both enjoyed watching the connection bloom between the two characters, Tallie and Emmett. Tallie was going through a break up and struggling with not being able to give her ex husband a family. Emmett is struggling with terrible secrets of his own (don't worry, we won't spoil it). At first, Emmett gave both of us MAJOR red flags. He started off a little shady, but he definitely grew as a character overall. He had to face some pretty tough demons, and we understood why he was so fixated on jumping off that bridge. Tallie Clark was an angel when he needed it most, and in a strange way, I think he was hers as well.

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“You’re human, and you have to reconcile that with yourself somehow. Forgive yourself. Allow yourself to feel everything deeply, to grow and learn.” -Leesa Cross-Smith; This Close To Okay

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