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True Biz Review

Madison: ★★★★

Alexis: ★★★★

In this coming of age/love letter to the deaf community, it takes place at River Valley School For The Deaf. We follow Charlie, Austin and Headmistress February as they navigate the struggles of the deaf community.

WOW! This is a must-read for both of us. There is so much incredible information in this book about ASL and the deaf community. We both felt like we learned so much while reading this one. From the light-hearted feel of the book, to the important topics discussed, we couldn't wait to see how everything played out in the end. We both felt connected to the characters and could feel and sympathize with their hurt and struggles.

If nothing else, we recommend reading this book for the pure knowledge and information that came from Sara Novic. As hearing people, we don't actually learn about or understand what it's like be a part of deaf culture and how our own actions can hinder, or support them. This book is an incredible way to start learning more.

Listen to our full discussion on the podcast.

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