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Madison Bain


Hi, I'm Madison! I originally started my bookstagram/foodstagram in May of 2020, as a fun COVID project. I enjoy reading, eating and drinking (probably drinking tequila as I write this), so I decided to start sharing my recipes and book recommendations! 


Before I knew it, I was spontaneously buying a podcast microphone off Amazon. I had so many ideas of what I wanted to talk about, but Alexis came to me with the idea of turning my bookstagram into a book club podcast! Thus, Books Bites Booze, The Podcast was born!

I live in Huntsville, Alabama and work for a digital marketing agency in the area. I have two cats, Phoebe and Sloan (named after McSteamy), and they are the loves of my life. Follow my social accounts, I'd love to connect!

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Alexis Pate


Hey listeners! My name is Alexis Pate and I am so thrilled to be on this calorie friendly, book loving journey with you! I met Madison our freshman year of college and instantly we bonded over our love of books, food and especially BOOZE! We also talked about starting our own podcast, so when Madison asked me if I would co-host, of course I said yes! 


I live in Birmingham, Alabama with my fur babies Gary and Eevee. I love writing and hiking (when I'm not drowning in grad school) and my dream is to release my own novel one day. 


I'm super excited to keep recording and sharing Books Bites Booze with each of you! You can always reach me at any of social media accounts below.

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