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Too Good To Be True Review

Too Good To Be True by Carola Lovering

Madison: ★★★

Alexis: ★★★★

A romantic thriller that did not disappoint for either of us! While it was a little slow moving for Madison, and she wanted a bit more out of it, it was an enjoyable thriller with a great twist!

Too Good To Be True features three different character perspectives: Burke, a 46 year old male trying to make up for some mistakes he has made in life. Skye, a 26 year old from New York who was raised by a prestigious family. Lastly, Heather a mom in her 30's who came from nothing and is trying to cope with the grief of losing her younger brother, Gus. We follow all three perspectives in this twisted web of crimes, grief, revenge, and romance.

The turning point in this book caught both of us off guard. Our prediction after Part 1 of the book on how it would end did NOT come true. It was a jaw dropping moment for sure. We really enjoyed watching the characters grow. It is sort of a coming of age story. We started the book with certain thoughts on the characters, but by the end our minds had changed completely. The three perspectives were not difficult to follow either, which is a great relief. Some multi-side novels can be a little confusing, but that wasn't an issue at all for us.

Listen to our interview with author, Carola Lovering, here.

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