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Sex On The Beach

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Sex on the beach cocktail

— 2 oz vodka

— 2 oz orange juice

— 2 oz cranberry juice

— 1 oz lemonade

— 1 oz blood orange Effen vodka

Fill a shaker up halfway with ice (and add a few ice cubes into your glass of choice). Add vodka, orange juice, cranberry juice and lemonade. SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE! Strain into glass and garnish with an umbrella, orange slices, or pineapple slices.

*For a more calorie friendly option, try sugar free lemonade and cranberry juice.

If we're bring honest, I added more than 2 oz of vodka, but that's what the recipe called for. This cocktail is perfect for spring/summer. I made this is February though and it was still pretty damn good. There's never a bad time for a Sex on The Beach cocktail!

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